Chesterfield Beard Oil - 30ml - ZEST
Chesterfield Beard Oil - 30ml - ZEST
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Chesterfield Beard Oil - 30ml - ZEST

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- ZEST -

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Made from 100% natural ingredients that will deeply nourish and condition your beard.

Chesterfield Beard Oil helps to soothe beard itch and battle beardruff.

Great for all beard types from the novice beard to the almighty wizard beards.

Chesterfield Beard Oil contains a superior blend of premium grade oils that will work wonders to promote beard health and growth.

Chesterfield Beard Oil is handcrafted and hand poured in extremely small batches to ensure quality and a perfect blend of ingredients.

ZEST - Awaken the soul with this zesty lemon and citrus scent. Finished with a splash of lavender and eucalyptus.

Argon Oil -  An anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial oil that will moisturise, hydrate and soften your beard. Is packed with Vitamin E which boosts cell growth and produces healthy hair.  Tames frizz and gives your beard a softer, shinier appearance. 
Almond Oil - Rich in Vitamin E, potassium, zinc, proteins and healthy fats - this oil is great for beard growth!  Increases healthy beard growth by conditioning and softening facial hair, eliminating beardruff, and reducing inflammation. 
Jojoba Oil - Ideal for sensitive skin, this antibacterial and antioxidant oil promotes hair and skin health.  It also prevents hair loss by strengthening and promoting hair growth, while repairing dry and damaged hairs.
Avocado Oil - Great for moisturising dry and damaged hair by deeply conditioning and strengthening it.
Grape Seed Oil -  A non-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and non-greasy oil that fights against wrinkles, acne, and helps control dandruff. Helps to lock in moisture and prevent frizz, split ends, and brittle hair. 
Apricot Kernel Oil - Relieves itchiness and helps manage and de-tangle unruly beards. Improves texture and helps to increase the health of the skin under the beard. 
Essential Oils - Combination of lemon and citrus natural oils to create the Zest scent.