Australian Honey - 3kg Honey Bucket
Chesterfield Honey

Australian Honey - 3kg Honey Bucket

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100% Raw Australian Honey, Straight from the hive to you!

3kg Honey bucket.

Sold in its purest form which is unrefined, unheated and unfiltered so it retains all the health benefits honey is known for. Due to this process Chesterfield Honey can retain pollen and other pure elements (propolis & wax) naturally found in raw honey.

Chesterfield Honey is guaranteed to be free from any chemical additives and preservatives. Only organic natural beekeeping methods are used. Our honey is all hand harvested and hand packed by our wonderful beekeepers. 

Chesterfield Honey and apiary is based in South East Queensland and is proudly Australian owned and operated. We specialise in 100% raw, unprocessed honey and beeswax. 

PLEASE NOTE: We can NOT ship to WA or Kangaroo Island due to quarantine restrictions.